Volunteer Abroad with Team Social Work


  • Health Care Project
    South Africa|Africa
    Alexa (22), Canada
  • Green Adventure
    Sri Lanka|Asia
    Anne (22) & Sophie (23), Austria
  • Ecuador Volunteer Foundation
    Ecuador|South America
    Jordan (22), USA
  • Chimpanzee Center
    Franny (24), USA
  • Nepal Friendship Society
    says thank you to
    Team Social Work
  • Donkey/Horse Rescue Project
    Gaby (18), Guatemala
  • BNC Namibia
    Marybeth (38), USA
  • High School Marketing
    Anne (27) Susanne (26), Brazil
  • Street Children Project
    Paul (23), Netherlands

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Ella Smyth

Brad Brasseur

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Let’s volunteer in Africa!
10th Anniversary of Casa Hogar Torre Fuerte
Future Development of HOOP
Raphael is an engaged business guy who has decided to take a career break and volunteer in Africa.  Check out Raphael’s volunteer stories at GAFI -Patriots Ghana and share your feedback with him here. Ella from England. Volunteer coordinator in Arequipa, Peru with Volunteers Peru since January 2014. Volunteer Peru is a NGO that works with two projects, a home for abonded girls in Arequipa and a school in the rural area Tomepampa. Brad, 29 years old from Canada. Volunteer in Arequipa, Peru with HOOP Peru since Juli 2013. Each Tuesday he is giving an update about his volunteering experience he gained in South America.

Innovative Volunteer Abroad platform

Team Social Work is an innovative volunteer abroad platform that is globally active. Our job is to connect socially engaged people with social projects worldwide. The founders of the voluntary work platform were desperately searching for the suitable project, the right organization and a program at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, the needs could not be satisfied.

Team Social Work was founded after a life-changing experience in Africa – made by one of the founders. Since then, there was the idea seeded in his mind to change the way of global voluntary work. We believe that there has to be a network. It should connect projects with volunteers – globally in a direct way. In order to master this huge challenge, we are in need of people who are dedicated to voluntary work, tourism and business. Projects can be submitted via our webpage. We will be happy to service you in finding your perfect volunteer abroad program!

Social projects can register free and publish these volunteer abroad programs on our platform. Our newest web technology enables projects a variety of features to attract more helping hands. They can set up a profile, promote their activities and spread news to our community. The applicants benefit from the high transparency we offer. We list every registered project (for free) and provide important information around every project. Volunteers are able to compare each project components and fees. Compared to ordinary agencies and intermediaries which bundle their offerings into packages, Team Social Work allows to pick a customized volunteer abroad program.Volunteer Programs

Low Cost Volunteer Abroad Programs

All volunteer programs show transparent fees and services. There are also very low cost volunteer abroad programs. We also mediate vacancies with no fees, excellent service and high level of competence. Volunteers do not have to pay no additonal fees for our services. We want to establish fair opportunities at a reasonable price.

Contact social projects and get in touch with them immediately. We do not charge fees for administration or liaise from our volunteers. They only pay those fees that are caused by the project itself. Consequently, fees represent actual donations to the social project. We want to offer our volunteers a great and unique experience and projects the greatest benefits by keeping fees and services as transparent as possible.

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Voluntary work abroad

Take a gap year. We offer short term and long term volunteer opportunities abroad. Social projects in developing countries are actively searching for qualified social workers. Primarily there is a need of voluntary work in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Usually you will do voluntary work with local co-workers or other volunteers together in the same social project. After you did voluntary work abroad you certainly come back with long lasting international friendships. Volunteering is a great possibility to have a network abroad. Search, compare and choose between a wide range of volunteer opportunities. Programs in a foreign far away developing country offer big adventures. Be faced with daily new tasks and challenges. Voluntary work abroad help to discover new talents and skills.

Meaningful Travel & Voluntourism

Meaningful travel or Voluntourism is a combination of vacation and volunteering. Take a gap year and travel around. Traveling alone is an amazing experience but it could be also demanding. Alternatively, plan your next journey with your best friends or join a small group. The platform has projects located on every continent. Currently most projects are in sub-saharan Africa. While you are travelling, discover unique places. Explore breath-taking locations. And spot the unspoiled countryside of developoing countries. Volunteering in developing countries also means: treasures of art, tradition, handicraft, culture and history. Voluntourism is a big profit for both, volunteers and social projects. Team Social Work guarantees a great service to their customers. Our service is free of charge for users. Our platform takes no fees from our volunteers. Do not hesitate to use our services and our contact form.

Our service team is looking forward to get in touch with you.